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Water springs and drinking fountains

On, we localize natural drinking water springs and public fountains where access is free.

This website is useful for walkers, cyclists and visitors who want to fill their water bottles during their trip. relies on contributions from visitors. If you know of a spring or a fountain that is not listed here, you can submit a water place.

Warning: We are unable to guarantee the drinkability of the water. Most springs listed are known to be safe, but few are regularly checked.


  • Drinking water places 433
  • OpenStreetMap water drinking places 115810
  • Photos 242
  • Videos 7
  • Countries 15
  • Reported as non potable 6
Name Type Country City Created
Source Avenue Cardinal de Fleury à Saint-Félix-de-Lodez Spring 0 0 France Saint-Félix-de-Lodez 06/04/2018
Robinet du cimetière de Finnevaux Tap 1 0 Belgium Houyet 05/27/2018
Puits artésien des anciens abattoirs, avenue du Maréchal Leclerc Unknown 1 0 France La Teste-de-Buch 05/10/2018
Luminy Tap 1 0 France Marseille 05/02/2018
Source à Le Creusot Spring 0 0 France Le Creusot 01/05/2018
Fontaine de Saint Martin de Londres Spring 0 0 France Saint-Martin-de-Londres 12/12/2017
Source naturelle "La Font de Saza" Spring 0 0 France Montmorillon 12/05/2017
Fontaine de Duranus Spring 0 0 France Duranus 11/05/2017
Fontaine eau potable Sérignan Tap 0 0 France Sérignan 09/25/2017
Source naturelle en allant vers les "terres de la courronne" Spring 0 0 Canada Saint-Michel-des-Saints 09/14/2017
Fontaine du parc de la Mairie Tap 1 0 France Mortagne-au-Perche 09/11/2017
Source de Publier Spring 0 0 France Publier 09/11/2017
Fontaine d'eau potable Parc du Rosaire, Lyon Tap 0 0 France Lyon 09/09/2017
Parc de la Tête d'Or, Porte du Lycée, Lyon Tap 1 0 France Lyon 09/09/2017
Fontaine d'eau potable Parc de la Tête d'Or, Lyon Tap 1 0 France Lyon 09/09/2017
Fontaine d'eau potable, Parc de la Tête d'Or, Lyon Tap 1 0 France Lyon 09/09/2017
Fontaine d'eau potable Place de la Cathédrale Saint-Jean, Lyon Tap 0 0 France Lyon 09/09/2017
Site de la Madeleine Spring 1 0 France Tursac 09/08/2017
Lavoir de Verthier Unknown 0 0 France Doussard 09/05/2017
Fontaine à URMATT, 56 rue du Général de Gaulle Unknown 0 0 France Urmatt 09/04/2017